Forms are at the DP Athletic Department website 


1) Physical Exam Form 
The CIF physical exam form must be printed and taken to a doctor to be completed.
The physical exam form can be accessed separately for printing HERE. If you can’t get an appointment with your own physician, we recommended going to a walk-in clinic such as the MedCenter in Fairview Center near Bed, Bath, & Beyond or Cottage Urgent Care.

2) Athlete Packet/Athlete Contract
Completed once each year, for the first sport a student participates in.  In other words, having done it for cross country you do not need to it again for a winter and/or spring sport.  Can be completed online.  Or print and bring to coach at practice.
Note:  The Athlete Packet has lots of places where student and parent must sign.  
           Please check to be sure you haven’t missed any places. (We often have to return this form to get the missing signatures).

3) Clearance Form
Complete for each sport a student participates in.  In other words, you will need to do it again for winter and spring sports.
Be sure to include insurance information (in the middle of the form.)    

For parents:

Driver Authorization Form – filled out by parents who wish to be a driver for the team.  
Such as to away meets (see the schedule).   A link to DP Athletics website which has a form that can be 
filled out online and then printed is HERE.

Have your student hand to Coach Jackson at practice.